Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Two, Four, Six, Eight ......

It’s been a manic two months since we started brewing our first beers. The time has flown past and it is interesting to look back and reflect on what we have done in that time. After finishing the building phase I thought a nice little holiday would be just the job; it had been a long old haul to get the brewery kitted out. But we had to get down to the real business of brewing beer and selling it to the pubs.

We had barely let the paint dry when we fired up the new brew kit and started brewing the first beers in the middle of November. There’s no heating in the brewery or our little office so it does get a tad chilly. However it’s amazing how you warm up lugging sacks of malt up to the grist case and manually mixing half a ton of mash because the automatic hydrator decides to misbehave.

When the first beer ‘FOUR’ was ready, it went straight into a beer festival at the Cross Keys in Thame. It was an absolute beauty and six months of stress about how our first beer would turn out was banished. We quickly followed with ‘TWO’ the golden ale and ‘EIGHT’ our dark porter.

Selling beer is a very personal thing so we always try to get out and meet the publicans face to face. The open day in December was also a great opportunity for us to meet our new customers and talk about the beers and what they thought about them.

Before writing this I looked over how many pubs had stocked our beer and how many pints they had sold. Nearly seventeen thousand pints in two months; my goodness that’s a lot of beer! So I thought I might list some other facts and figures for you.

First two months:

Pints sold 16752
Van miles driven 5121
Cups of tea 720
Offers to be volunteer taster 87
Toasted sandwiches 73
Trade customers 71
Cows fed on spent grains 23
Different hops used 19
Different malts used 15
Chickens fed on spent hops 14
Beer festivals with XT Beer 11
Number of full brews 8
Most layers of clothes worn 7
Number of different beers brewed 5
Tons of malts used 4
Total staff 2
Awards won 2
Horses fed on spent grains 2
Record hours to drink one cask in a pub 1

Thanks for your support so far, why not have one more pint to celebrate?